This is definitely one of my all time favourite patient questions – and a question that I hear a lot!

I think that as a physiotherapist – most people automatically expect that I’ll start raving on about how good physios are and how bad chiros are.

Well the truth is that you can get great chiropractors and bad chiropractors- just like you can get great physiotherapists and bad physiotherapists. 

The main differences between physiotherapy and chiropractic in private practice come from the origins of each profession. While Physiotherapists evolved out of a combination of massage, manual therapy and rehabilitative exercises. Chiropractic has evolved from the use of spinal manipulations to treat pain and dysfunction. 
As such, physiotherapists still tend to use more massage, manual therapy and exercises, while chiropractors tend to utilize far more manipulation during treatments. 

Although the professions will always have their differences – as technology and research progress, the knowledge base of physiotherapists and chiropractors become more and more similar as both professions learn what treatments are most effective for musculoskeletal conditions and use evidence based research to guide their practice. 

In either case: whether it be physio, chiro or any other treating practitioner- if you are looking for a professional to assist with the treatment of a musculoskeletal problem – The most important aspects in selecting a treating practitioner remain the same: 

-The therapist should listens to you and understand your concerns and problems.
-The therapist must understand why it is important to you that the problems are addressed and corrected.
– The therapist should use only treatments that have been proven to be effective.
– The therapist should have knowledge and experience of treating similar injuries and understand how to get the best results.
– The therapist should constantly involve the patient in the process and their recovery.