During the winter months there are a few things that can be done to ease aches and pains that occur in the joints and in old injuries.

1. Stay Active and Keep Moving : The best way to ease aches and pains in joints during winter is to keep them warm and flexible through movement such as simple stretches, yoga, walking or swimming in heated pools. Moving and exercising also cause an increase in the synovial fluid in joints which keeps them lubricated.  click here to view some great exercises

2. Keep injured joints especially warm: There are braces, thermoskins, and supports of all shapes and sizes for every joint. Brands such as “Skins” also make thermal sports wear and are perfect for exercising during the winter. Finally if you experience winter aches and pains a wheat bag or heat pack is an absolute must.

3. Natural creams and rubs: Creams such as fisiocrem and pain away have some extremely effective natural ingredients and work great on stiff, painful joints and muscles. Even better if you can get someone to give you a massage with them! I’ve been amazed at the feedback that we’ve had from our patients who have used fisiocrem. Be aware that if you are taken medications there are some creams and gels (even natural ones) that may interact with them, so check with your pharmacist or doctor first.

4. Treat and rehabilitate injuries properly: One of the main reasons that old injuries hurt during the winter months is that they were never really healed or strengthened properly, leading to scar tissue or weakness that can be long lasting. Treatment of acute injuries such as ultrasound, massage and rehabilitative strengthening can prevent them from becoming long term problems in future winters.

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