Here at Active Lifestyle Physiotherapy we understand the full spectrum of healthcare and human performance. 

We acknowledge that there is a limit to what we can offer in our clinic. That’s why we compliment our services with optional strength and conditioning programming. Billy Troy our Physiotherapist is also a strength and conditioning coach and has been certified through the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. 

Billy enjoys taking clients from all walks of life from the treatment rooms to the exercise rooms so they can continue to live active lifestyles. Billy in particular has worked with elite level golfers, footballers and cricketers. 

There are many options we can provide to you in this area including: 
– Analysing your current strength program (1 hour in clinic or via conference call) 
– 1 on 1 strength training sessions (must be prebooked) 
– Fully written strength programs in 4, 8 and 12 week intervals 

Book in to become a better version of yourself.