Movement Screening

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What is movement screening?

Movement screening is an analysis of the way an individual moves in everyday life, with the aim of identifying movement patterns which contribute to ongoing injuries, or the risk of a new injury. Movement patterns are specific to the demands of an individual’s daily activities, including their work or sport. Examples of movement patterns include: sitting posture, standing posture, and the ability to reach overhead, bend forwards, squat down, and many more.  

Who needs to be screened?

Anyone who has been previously injured at work, home or while exercising, or anyone who doesn’t want to have an injury in the future.

Why do I need to get screened?

Movement screening is an important step in injury prevention, and in the management of ongoing symptoms from a prior injury. Getting screened is an opportunity to find out the cause of ongoing symptoms, and reduce the likelihood of a new injury developing.   

What does screening involves?

A physiotherapist with experience and expertise in injury prevention and management will take you through the screening. First, the physiotherapist will analyse the way you move during everyday tasks to identify any movement patterns putting excessive pressure on specific parts of the body. Understanding which movement patterns are contributing to ongoing symptoms, or the risk of a new injury, will allow the physiotherapist to focus their attention on the exact joints or muscles influencing the undesirable movement. Following the assessment you will receive a management plan to help you target these problem areas, and reduce your risk of future injury. The session will take approximately one hour.

Where can I get screened?

Active Lifestyle Physiotherapy offers the screening service at its Norwest and Epping practice. Bookings are essential.

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