Master of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Health Sciences

Areas of Specialty:

  • Using a holistic approach to find the reason why complex problems have not improved and helping patients prevent the need of invasive procedures such as surgery
  • I have completed further studies in strength and conditioning (EXOS) as well as movement screening based in America (SFMA and FMS) to specialise in knowing how to restore optimal function and reduce injury risk.
  • Andrew has a passion for Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and EXOS to help identify areas in which he can not only help clients overcome pain but improve there overall health. 

What do you enjoy about your current position?

  • I enjoy working with a diverse client group and thoroughly enjoy not only the clinical nature of our contact but also enjoy devloping strong relationships and getting to know them once we have identified there treatment goals. I regularly share stories and learn numerous tips regarding travel and adventures from my clients. 
  • I have a passion for movement and enjoy my role at Active Lifestyle Physiotherapy as it allows me to keep on the move during the day. 


  • Over 7 years experience as Private Practice Physiotherapist 
  • Head Physiotherapist for Spirit FC (FNSW NPL2)
  • Team Physiotherapist at FNSW development squad and FFA Youth Championships
  • Central Coast Mariners National Youth team
  • Physiotherapist at NSW Gymnastics events  
  • Level 1 and 2 Sports Physiotherapy Qualification (working towards sports specialisation) 
  • Advanced Dry Needling (6 years experience) 
  • Strenght and Conditioning certified (EXOS)
  • Exposure to behind the scenes at the Miami Dolphins training facility 

Other projects and professional training that have assisted in his role at Active Lifestyle Physiotherapy:

  • I am passionate about helping to use my experience as a physiotherapist to create classes that will help everyone involved to get the most out of life. I have been applying FMS screening to a number of clients to help prevent injury and create classes that can target specific individual goals
  • I am looking at doing further studies to understand pain science, balance Physiotherapy, advanced strenght and conditioning and have developed an interest in TMJ disorders 
  • Andrew is aiming towards Sports Physiotherapy Titling and has completed APA level 1 and 2 sports where he has gained vast experience that he is able to apply to his clients each and every day.
  • Functional movement screening (FMS), specialised training that involves looking at movement patterns to identify areas of weakness in the body that could potentially increase risk of injury and developing a detailed exercise and rehabilitation plan to help his clients overcome/avoid injury. 
  • EXOS comes from the word “exosphere”, meaning the highest level of the atmosphere. It’s about performing at a higher level in life be it work or sport. As a Physiotherapist we are in a powerful position to be able to influence patients behaviour in the time we spend with them. Using principles developed with some of the best athletes in the world EXOS can help us as Physiotherapists guide clients to achieve remarkable results and allow them to make the most of life.


Hobbies and Interests outside of Work:

Andrew loves to practice what he preaches and when he is at work he can be found playing football, cricket, swimming, going to the gym and watching or attending sporting events. 

I have played soccer for most of my life and enjoy getting out on the weekend and going for a bike ride, run, hike, bouldering or doing my own strength training. In my spare time I also enjoy learning languages and have been working on furthering my French, German and basic Japanese

I also have a keen interest in the NFL, NBA and English Premier League. 

He is also a keen traveller and has recently returned from New Zealand where he and his girlfriend competed the Tongariro Alpine Crossing; a challenging full day hike. He has further travel aspirations and looks forward to sharing the valuable stories and lessons he has learnt from this time abroad with his client base. 

What’s the top destination on your must-visit list?

Northern Europe or South America

What three words would your friends use to describe you? 

If you asked my friends you wouldn’t get a serious answer I’d say.