Areas of speciality:

General, Aged Care, Chronic Pain management

What do you enjoy about your current position?

 I enjoy encouraging people to make the most of their physical capabilities.

Being in a role where the principles can also be applied outside of work, like at the gym/playing sport or helping out family/friends.


– Western Sydney University: Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Tutor

– St. Johns Ambulance: First Aid Responder

– Aged care with Active Lifestyle Physiotherapy

Other projects/professional training/courses you are currently working on or will be commencing soon? 

– Currently undergoing a course on Physiotherapy in Workers Compensation

– Plan to complete a course on Functional Strength and Conditioning

Hobbies and Interests outside of work: 

– Spending time with my dog

– Doing some kind of sport or activity daily

– Love reading books on philosophy and science

What’s the top destination on your must-visit list?

 Recently got back from North Queensland, where I would highly recommend checking out the Daintree & Great barrier reef

– Hopefully visiting New Zealand later in the year

What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Persistent, caring, goofy