As gyms begin to reopen and many teams are preparing for the resumption of the 2020 Winter Sports Season it is important that we prepare our bodies to reduce injury risks associated with the long lay off.

  • Gradually restart exercise to prevent injuries
  • People should look to reduce weights by 30 per cent then increase slowly over a number of weeks
  • Sports clubs should also have a plan for a return to training with incremental changes on a week by week basis before resumption of full contact and games
  • Get your body assessed by a health professional that specialises in Injury Prevention

Our expertly trained Physiotherapists are well equiped to also help minimise your injury risk by completing a Return to Sport Screening Assessment.

We can also assist in writing up a customised exercise program using state of the art tech Physitrack that will help you overcome any areas of weakness, lack of mobility or balance that may otherwise lead to a higher risk of injury.

We are excited to announce that for the rest of June we are offering our RETURN TO SPORT SCREENING ASSESSMENTS for 50% off.

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