Why does pregnancy cause back pain?

During pregnancy there are 3 main changes that can lead to pain in the back and SIJ

–          Changes in weight distribution and Posture. During pregnancy your body’s centre of gravity shifts forward in relation to the spine. This puts extra pressure on the joints of both the lumbar spine and the SIJs.

–          Changes to the supporting core and pelvic floor muscles. The core muscles which are vital in maintaining stability of the spine are overstretched which inhibits their ability to perform their job efficiently.

–          Changes to the flexibility of ligaments and joints caused by the hormone relaxin. This is essential to allow your hips and pelvis enough mobility to give birth, however it can compromise the stability of the pelvis and spine causing pain in the lead up to birth.

What can physiotherapy do to help?

Identifying the exact causes of the pain, for example, why is one side more painful than the other? What particular changes in posture have occurred? Other treatments will focus on loosening stiff joints or tight muscles and providing specific exercises to strengthen

Addressing the problems early can help eliminate unnecessary pain make the pregnancy far more comfortable for those suffering with pregnancy related back and SIJ pain.

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