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Our team at Active Lifestyle Physiotherapy Norwest is made up of Physiotherapist’s Cameron Boyd, Andrew Gamble, Joshua Zadro and Admin staff Steph and Felicity.

All staff have extensive experience in treating sports injuries having worked with athletes from sports including basketball, football, netball, golf, gymnastics, running and sailing to name just a few!

Because of our close involvement with local sporting clubs, the Norwest practice provides physiotherapy for many patients with sports injuries such as ankle sprains, knee pain, muscle tears as well as shoulder muscle and joint injuries. Physio for these types of injuries usually involves settling early pain and inflammation using ultrasound and soft tissue techniques such as massage and dry needling. Following this, the physiotherapists would provide a specific return to sport rehabilitation program.

Many of the patients that come to Active Lifestyle Physiotherapy Norwest during the day are local office office workers who suffer from mostly neck and shoulder pain that is caused by sitting behind a desk for most of the day. For these patients, physiotherapy usually involves a combination of hands on manual therapy as well as specific exercises to strengthen the spine and advice relating to workstation set up.

For more details on Physiotherapy at our Norwest clinic, please call (02) 9659-6848.

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